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Cost saving solutions for your retirement years.

Applicable directory listed below. (Please note, we are still building the directory – in the meantime, if you need assistance please visit the Mats and Pats “chat” page). Thank you.


1) If you are having a difficult time remembering to take your medications call some of the smaller pharmacies. Why? some of them offer FREE twice daily delivery — delivered by an LPN. What this means is that once you buy your medications through the pharmacy,  the pharmacy will bear the cost of your medication management /delivery program.  You can save approximately $500 per month going this route.

2) Public Libraries offer free delivery – if you are bored or if your kids are worried about you….call the library and get some books delivered. It’s nice to have someone stop by every week to “check” on you. Plus, reading will help keep you mind sharp:)

3)  If you don’t want to cook for yourself, call your local school. Some of our schools offer cookery programs for their students and sell the class’ results for a reasonable fee. They will freeze it and you will need to pick up….it’s a nice alternative to some of the other offerings currently available and what a great way to connect with your community.

4) Thrift stores can be wonderful places to find mobility supports such as walkers and toilet risers etc.

5)  If you are having trouble with your computer – perhaps, a “pop up” is saying that you have a virus and this “pop up” instructs you  to call the number listed right away….well, DON’T, call London Drugs instead and ask for their computer department – they are more than happy to help.

6)  Always check with BC transit about shuttle bus services – they offer some local shuttle services that will pick you up at your door.

7) Several grocery stores offer FREE pack and delivery services…minimums generally apply.

8)  Check out our local not-for-profits…a lot of them offer terrific day programs for a very nominal fee and a host of other services as well.

9) Several companies offer employment  services for returning veterans, new Canadians, people with disabilities etc. so, if you require some assistance but don’t require a Care Aide you might be able to hire one of their candidates for a much more manageable fee.  Give them a call and they can better explain their program to you.