These Things Happen

Yesterday morning, I moved off the bed, I plodded out to the kitchen. I had prepared the coffee in the Brewmaster the previous night. All I had to do was push the ‘on’ button. It was easy, I padded over to the balcony door, flung it open and plopped down on my favourite chair. I slowly took a breath of fresh air. I was awake. I could hear the water crackling and gurgling. There was silence. The coffee was brewed, I walked into the kitchen, and all that was in the coffee pot was hot water. I had forgotten to put the coffee grains in the basket. I quickly made a complete pot of coffee. I mused to myself “these things happen.” Yet in the back of my mind there was doubt. Maybe this was the start of Alzheimer’s.

Later in the day I told my no coffee story to a lady friend.” Oh sure”, she said, “That’s happened to me”. Again I thought these things happen. Yet in the back of my mind there was doubt. After all she was a lot older than me. Maybe we are both a little senile.

Later the same day I talked to my brother-in-law. He is a lot younger than me. I told him the story of the coffee pot with no coffee in it. His retort was to tell me about the time he put both the coffee and the water in the Brewmaster and he forgot to put the pot in place to catch the brewed coffee. I could only imagine the mess. These things do happen at his young age. It was an accident!

Finally I told my sister the tale of forgetting to put coffee in the basket of the Brewmaster. She too is younger than me. “That’s nothing”, she said, “I put the coffee in the basket but I forgot to put the water in the Brewmaster. I walked away and left it. It burned the pot out”. She told me that she had to buy a new Brewmaster. These things happen. I guess I got off lucky.

Submitted on behalf of Pearl F. from: ‘Pearls and More’

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