Interesting days, aren’t they?

The news was suggesting that President Putin was somehow behind the chemical attack on that father and daughter in England the other day. I guess the father used to be a Russian spy and then switched sides??? The suggestion was that Putin didn’t like that this guy switched sides and so, he sent his henchmen to go kill him.

I was thinking – Sure, I get that. Putin felt double-crossed and wanted the dual agent to die. Then I started thinking – Why did the guy want to double cross Putin? What was in it for him? Money, glory, ethics? What was his motivation to “screw” Putin?  I don’t know the answer to that so, I figured, I won’t make a judgement call because I don’t have all the facts. It wouldn’t be fair.

Then, this morning the news was suggesting that Putin had been set-up and that the English government was in fact,  behind the plot. The news went on to say that the reason for this act of treachery was to cast an even darker shadow over Russia thereby, nullifying any chance Russia has to host the soccer events this summer???

Really? Ok, let’s run with this scenario…

A father and daughter are “gassed” in order to keep Russia from hosting some events this summer….maybe? In our race to the bottom anything is possible, isn’t it:) This is when I gave up….too much bulls#it for me to have to try and weed through. No thanks.

All I know is that I don’t think Putin is a bad as the press make him out to be – maybe he is – but something just doesn’t feel right about the way he is held to blame for everything?? Is he a scapegoat? Is he a monster? I can’t answer this but my spidey sense says “united we stand” and that maybe standing with this guy might be to our advantage??? I mean he’s one of the few that isn’t beholding to that Swiss Bank…that’s gotta count for something…


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