My Business…

Currently, I’m sitting crossed-legged on my couch — truth be know – I have no pants on, just a long t-shirt and I’m thinking to myself, ”Can people see my business?”

I mean, with all these “helpers” being invited into our homes; the Google turn on your TV and your life for you thing — the Apple, I will do everything for you box but I can’t, yet, wipe your bum — the Samsung, let me listen to your breathing and sweating rhythms for your benefit thing —  the Facebook, I will let you see your friends but I will train you like a dog using Pavlov’s conditioning strategies as payment for your visits – well, it just leads me to ask so many more questions — it leads me down the rabbit hole and bugger, is it ever a scary place to reside.

Some of the questions I ask myself are…Who’s managing the other end of these things? What are they seeing on top of what they offer us? What and where does this information go? Is my business offered up as a science experiment? Can they magnify the image of it so completely that I no longer need to go for pap tests? Is this how invasive they are or will be? Is this their goal? What is their goal?

How will I be free if they do and see everything I do and say? Where does choice come into play? When do we become the managed, the controlled? In other words, how long until Pavlov’s conditioning of us becomes the norm and will we even be aware of it when it happens?

So many questions but only time will tell and she’s not tipping her hat. We know who we are though, we’ve bitten that apple and that is telling enough…

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