India Visit (X)

Life still surprises me – oh, how it surprises me.

I guess that our Prime Minister attended a dinner with the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi (image of the two above)- and a handful of other people recently and this has resulted in some sort of huge drama. Yeah, I guess breaking bread in a foreign country is a very risky proposition….people, of course,  have their daggers at the ready….ready to stab at any opportunity to create ugly and ugly is what they are creating. Bring it on, right?

Problem is – I don’t see what the big drama is all about??? Nope, I don’t have a clue.

I’d want my enemy sitting at the table with me – I’d want to know what he thinks – what he’s planning – what he wants but I guess a lot of people wanted and expected that the enemy remain outside – out of view???

WTF??? What’s to understand when the guy hasn’t been invited in??? We learn nothing – zero – zilch. How is this a benefit?

I guess it’s easier to focus our energies on this little drama than it is to focus on the poor and enslaved people of this great nation. The ones that all those Indian Billionaires refuse to lift up and out of poverty. It’s much easier than having to address issues regarding women’s rights and freedoms as well, isn’t it? It’s so much easier, whew!

I get it – we are in a race to the bottom – I look forward to hearing more about this dinner. I have yet to hear what was served? Who left with who? Hmmmm….that’s the juicy shit, that’s what everyone wants to hear about. This is who we have become. Salute one and all! Salute!


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