I speak with my neighbours all the time about our current and continuing lack of privacy – the Apple Home stuff, the 3rd party tracking, the mind scraping (yes, it’s a thing), facial recognition (Facebook), voice recognition (Siri), etc. – everyone is always with us. But who is everyone? Why are they tracking us? Why are they scraping our brains? My neighbours and I well, we want to know:)

Few of us understand it but we recognize that it goes on….

Are we ok with this? Are we ok forfeiting our freedom simply to enjoy some time on the internet? I don’t know but it doesn’t sound like a very fair trade-off to me.

Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds – new users sign up daily but no one seems interested in reading their privacy policy. It’s an eyeful, that’s for sure.  Apple shares are through the roof owing, in part, to them being our new eyes and ears in our homes, our new babysitters. Amazon has attached itself to everything – including our computers:) Oh well, personal privacy, personal freedom be darned. Right? We want Instagram and all the rest of it regardless of how they treat us, track us or spit us out, right?

One of my neighbours suggested that I was a bit of a worry wart – “Michelle, it’s not that bad, don’t be silly.” is what she said. It was then that I dared her – I dared her to read George Orwell’s book 1984. I said, “Let’s see if his book is a foretelling of things to come or if I am, as you suggest, just a silly goat:)”

She took my dare, will you?

Update – Net Neutrality is in jeopardy… Please contact the CRTC at 1-866-845-6036 and share your thoughts regarding this matter.







3 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. Rachel Cormier Rachel Cormier

    Can’t see the comment I already left. Waiting for authorization??
    Can’t figure out how many times I need to log in!?!?

    1. Michelle Michelle Wiboltt | Mats and Pats

      If you want the system to remember you – so that you can upload your picture and comment or chat without having to re-enter all the time- then, you have to sign up via the little bubble on the right of the screen. It has a hand and pen in the bubble. Well, if you click on this – where it says “sign up, it’s free” this is the sign up portion that will remember you. So, anytime you come back to post, comment or chat – you just click the “log in” button on the very bottom of the home page and start chatting. If you don’t “sign up” you can comment, etc. but you will have to keep entering ur name and email or do the little quiz so that u stay anonymous. Easy but new is always hard:) Feel free to call me and I’ll walk u through:)

    2. Michelle Michelle Wiboltt | Mats and Pats

      haha – if you have blocked your “cookies” you will have to keep logging in – unblock ur cookies…well, if you dare:) and then, the system will remember you and you won’t have to keep logging on.

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