Does Size Matter?

Well, it certainly helps, doesn’t it:) But, is it the determining qualification? I don’t think so….

What do we have out in our world right now that is the biggest – the biggest button… hmmm …We have Amazon, we have our grocery monopoly, we have our eyeglass frame maker’s monopoly, we have a bunch of government monopolies (East,West, etc.), blah – blah – blah. We certainly have a lot of big buttons on offer but I’m not interested in any of them, are you? So, size  – it matters but it’s not a make or break kind of deal, at least for me.

I like earnest, kind buttons – one’s that don’t want to attack but rather engage. Buttons that aren’t soooo large that they end up coming OUT of my mouth. Buttons that want to hang around and build better and more interesting uses for their buttons for future endeavours. These are the buttons that get my heart racing…Well, not just my heart (shhhhh:).

But, if this is who and what we are – I propose a contest – all leaders, drop your drawers – let us decide who has the biggest button:)


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