About Us


We envision a world in which getting older really is like the movie “A Miracle on Main Street,” circa 1947.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Mats and Pats to create a local, social media style Main Street that is FREE, transparent, engaging, and inclusive for Matriarchs and Patriarchs (50+), their families and friends.

Here’s how it works – I envisioned my site to be like a little Main Street and had Dan build out from there. Please keep in mind that the Mats and Pats green and white background represents our path – the trees, the sky, our journey. The front page is the towns entrance. The stories – well, the stories are our homes. The stories are meant to feel like you’re going across the street for a cup of tea and an afternoon of catch up with your neighbours. The chat rooms are our neighbours chatting over the fence with one another. And Main Street – well, Main Street is our town centre. It’s a directory of local shopkeepers, government agencies and service providers who provide services for those of us aged 50(+). And this Main Street (our Mats and Pats Main Street) – Well, this is who and what connects us all.


I think my parents and Jimmy Stewart would beg to differ:) Here’s hoping!

Cheers to you!

Michelle Wiboltt



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