A Friend Of A Friend…

Well, I know a girl, who knows a girl, who knows a boy, who knows a couple of other people that know “Sam.” In other words, “Sam” is too distant to really know. Who’s Sam? Who the heck knows:) So, don’t bother asking me. I don’t have a clue.

Anyhow, Sam works for the gangsters. His job is to go out nightly and sell drugs to drug addicts. What drugs he sells…I don’t know. Regardless, he’s a drug seller much in the way I was a salesperson / account manager / systems integrator / lifestyle consultant / realtor, etc.

I’d go around cold calling to see if anyone was interesting in buying and Sam does exactly the same. His territory covers a part of the downtown Eastside and beyond. My territory has/had covered our province. He is expected to sell through all his product, same as I was. He has targets to hit, so did I. He approaches his existing clientele and offers up a deal. He also solicits new clients, same as I did.

Are we any different?

Is it that much more different than say a liquor rep or a potato chip salesman? How about a pharmaceutical rep – is Sam that much different from them? We all receive lunch breaks and holiday day’s and Stat days. We are expected to show up at the allotted hour and work our day. We submit reports regarding sales trends, etc. So, are we really all that different?

Well, yes, we are. My job doesn’t require me to sell a product that kills my clients – at least right away anyhow. His seems to.

This is what boggles my mind though. Drug selling is big business. These guys and gals don’t fuck around. They are all about the numbers, the profits. So, why would they be cutting their products with something that kills their clientele??? I don’t get that. I mean, any salesperson knows how insanely difficult it is to get new business. Since 80% of our sales comes from 20% of our clients – run the numbers yourself – they’re pretty solid – would Sam really be so stupid as to kill off his 20%?? Not a flipping chance. He doesn’t want to have to work harder to find more clients, he wants to be home with his kids (so I was told:).

So, why would Sam sell this product? Why would his bosses let him sell this product? It doesn’t make sense….

And I guess that this is the crux of things – we will never know because we decided a long time ago to vilify this segment of our community. We’ve forced them to trade in the underground, to exist in the darkness and we all know – light and dark – they don’t share their secrets. Consequently, we’ll never learn what pain it is that Sam suffers – that his children suffer – that, in turn, fuel our suffering. So…

Gregor Robertson, I’m with you. We need to bring them into the light. It’s time.

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  1. Luchia Luchia Feman | Lazy Woman Farm

    I live right above your “friend “for eight years in gas town… If you want the next time I’m down there I’ll ask them About the front now, their answer will probably surprise you

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